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A Sententia Short Story
A summer at idyllic Northbrook Academy might be boring, if you were anyone but Lainey Young. In between working three jobs, spending time with her boyfriend Carter, and worrying—about the shocking end to her junior year and more—she’s busy enjoying every beach within a day’s drive. On the most perfect day of summer, Carter surprises her with an unplanned trip to the shore, and Lainey almost succeeds in letting all her worries go.
But no matter how much she wants to, the one thing she can never escape is her Sententia heritage—and the visions of impending death that come with it. At the beach, an unexpected vision propels Lainey into action, but she needs help. Together, can Lainey and Carter save a friend?

An original 40 page short story + BONUS 15 page Carter Penrose POV

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