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Thoughts Point to Yes


A Sententia Novella

The summer after Lainey Young’s senior year at Northbrook Academy was supposed to be perfect. She should have known better than to believe anything would turn out the way it was supposed to. Following her disastrous confrontation with Daniel Astor, and her narrow escape with her life, Lainey spends the months before college lonely and alone, and worse—she has to pretend that’s exactly how she wants to be.

But as summer draws to a close, Lainey’s best friend Amy Moretti surprises her with a request: one last day, just the two of them. A Yes Day. One final hurrah before college forces them apart, too—to different rooms, with different roommates, on different sides of the river—for the first time in two years. Together, they journey around Boston, surprising each other, and themselves. In the end, Lainey makes one final decision, and one last goodbye, before starting her freshman year with a new resolution and a renewed sense of the thing she’d once wanted most: freedom.

This ebook original includes the 75-page novella Thoughts Point to Yes PLUS an additional 17 pages of BONUS SCENES.

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